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🇩🇪Day 1: Aachen to ??? (Somewhere in Belgium)

2022-06-17 Distance: 119.78 km Time: 11h 55m (6h 29m moving) Avg. Speed: 18.43 km/h Elevation: 446 m

First day in our tour, riding from Aachen to Tielt-Winge, a little village in Belgium.

The day started cursed. Right before leaving, Felix had a flat tire. Luckily we caught it and fixed it quickly.

As we left Aachen, my allergies kicked in. We stopped pretty quickly on a pharmacy and got me some allergy medicine. Beware, Belgium seems to prefer debit!

Later on, Felix got another flat tire under the heat. It took us a bit of time to fix it due to it being tubeless. Luckily we had a spare tube!

We rode through a really cool park in Netherlands that had us kind of sink underwater. Highly recommended!

Later in the day, not too far from our camping destination, we got a third flat! We knocked on some doors and strangers came to our help with tubes and a friendly hand. We hand patched the bike best we could and rode to the closest hotel we could book as night crept in.

It was a beautiful day and we'll be eternally grateful for the Belgium kindness.

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map of Day 1: Aachen to ??? (Somewhere in Belgium)

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