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map of Overnighter at Plaisance

Overnighter at Plaisance

2022-10-05 Distance: 70.92 km Time: 4h 21m (3h 23m moving) Avg. Speed: 20.88 km/h Elevation: 219 m

After visiting the park last year I couldn't let the year go by without checking in again.

Building upon my new bikepacking skills, along with my also-new Canyon Grizl, I decided to head to the park for a minimalist one-nighter.

I have the Nemo Dragonfly Bikepacking Tent which fits perfectly in my handlebars. I had to get some fork cages to mount some dry bags with sleeping pad and some cooking equipment.

It was a bit chilly but the views made it all worth it. Can't wait to visit again next year!

Pro tip: right before arriving at the park take the extra long gravel patch by the river, you won't regret it!

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More details and book camping in Sépaq (Parc national de Plaisance)

Tour: Plaisance Camping