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LDW Day 2: chill day

2023-09-04 Distance: 55.62 km Time: 5h 52m (3h 12m moving) Avg. Speed: 17.37 km/h Elevation: 666 m

low on spirits decided to take it easy. still kinda dizzy in the morning, took me a while to recompose. left camp at 1pm. very slow start to the day. after hard 45 minutes and 10 or so km, I made it to Sherbot Lake, got some groceries and headed to the beach! I chilled til 4pm or so, swam in the water and had some sandwiches with chocolate milk.

I saw a few camping spots in the map, and had plenty of supplies, so I decided to go wherever i’d be able to camp before sunset. Which was about 40-50k from the beach.

On the way there I passed by a farm where a feller asked me where I was going. I told him I didn’t know and we started talking. He invited me to his porch to show me how he shoots his gun. I couldn’t say no, I’ve never actually seen a gun up close before. he is a self described redneck who hates Trudeau. We talked for like half an hour about many things. He invited me to spend the night but I rain checked that one. Despite our differences he seems like a good person who likes living in the farm and doing his thing. I appreciate meeting people from outside of the city bubble, he reminds me a lot of some folk from the country side I grew up in.

found a spot for my tent next to the lake, in front of some peoples house lol. full of mosquitoes. asked the lady in the house for some water, she was very kind.

i’m slowly improving my hammock setting up technique. thru pain lol. I think it can be faster than a tent but it’s also harder to get it right, requires more finesse.

i slept next to a porter potty lol. i also lost a flip flop sometime during the day :(

ok time to sleep.

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