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LDW: Day 1

2023-09-03 Distance: 213.56 km Time: 15h (11h 50m moving) Avg. Speed: 18.04 km/h Elevation: 1955 m

Took Friday and Saturday off to prep for the bikepacking trip around Ottawa - the Log Drivers Waltz.

After days of packing, I started my ride Sunday at 9:15am, granting myself a no-alarm morning. Kicked off the day with my ritual album, "Music for Psychedelic Therapy" by Jon Hopkins.

I aimed for 200km per day, targeting Silver Lake Provincial Park for night one, but this route threw everything at me: tricky trails, aggressive farm dogs, technical challenges, you name it.

A few highlights: late-night derailleur issues with a wolf-like call nearby, YouTube advice-saving me from chasing dogs, a near-stop in mud, and the saving grace of 44mm knobby tires.

After a picturesque day on premium gravel, I arrived at camp near midnight, farther off-route than anticipated. Post-hammock setup, a combo of protein shake and freeze-dried burrito bowl made me sick, leading to an exhausted end at 1-2am.

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map of LDW: Day 1

Tour: Attempting the Log Driver's Waltz

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