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Ottawa to Montréal

This is was my first tour ever. I honestly never thought I would be able to travel by bike. It was certainly a challenge but it paid-off tremendously, since it gave me the courage to keep riding my bike around the world!

The route is roughly Ottawa to Cumberland (Ontario), take the ferry, and then continue on the Route Verte until Montréal. Next time, I'd like to try the Prescott-Russel Trail.

I decided to treat myself and stayed at Manoir Chamberland, a lovely boutique hotel hosted by their own owners. Delicious breakfasts by the terrace and hot-tub after a long day of riding. Since this was my first bike tour, rest days were key to recover from long rides.

Montebello has a great Mountain Biking trail too, which you have to visit!

2021-09-158 daysTotal Distance: 415 kmElevation: 1806 m