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Saint-Zotique to Montréal

2024-06-11 Distance: 86.26 km Time: 7h 20m (4h 22m moving) Avg. Speed: 19.73 km/h Elevation: 144 m

last part of the tour with Jeremy, we made it to Montréal!

chillest part of the tour, it was almost entirely bike paths with some minor exceptions. It’s incredible to see how much the quality of cycling infrastructure improves the closer you get to MTL, and also the frequency of how much people use it.

we had lunch at patate & persil, it was delish! and necessary https://maps.app.goo.gl/aJuXGYjDG7YbkfF26?g_st=ic

my right knee started hurting, looking forward for a few rest days.

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map of Saint-Zotique to Montréal

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