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Randonneuring with Robert - first NCR Tour!

2023-08-20 Distance: 202.13 km Time: 12h 55m (9h 55m moving) Avg. Speed: 20.37 km/h Elevation: 1255 m

When I saw Robert Meagher doing http://ncrcycletours.com I knew I had to jump in and give it a try! Proceeds go to SickKids and he was excited to do a long ride, so we did it!

Robert planned this beautiful route through Ladysmith. We started early in the day and rode through most of it, great scenery all around! I really liked this Norway Bay town, it’s surrounded by huge pine trees and has hardcore cottage vibes, reminds me of my childhood.

Robert shared with me many tips on how to consider wind while planning my rides. We also had a great discussion around ultra cycling in the capital region, we need more!

I had a great time and Robert was an excellent host, looking forward for my next tour!

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map of Randonneuring with Robert - first NCR Tour!

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