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Pembroke Tour

2023-08-06 Distance: 206.51 km Time: 13h 2m (10h 19m moving) Avg. Speed: 20 km/h Elevation: 733 m

I slept surprisingly well in the motel the night before. Started the day a bit late, went straight to a gas station and chugged half a litre of chocolate milk. Many foods were eaten in liquid form today.

The PPJ was gorgeous. Pembroke was so cute!!! I found a pita place and had an iced latte in a nice coffee shop.

I rode the algonquin trail, it was very nice too, although there were many ATVs which made the ride a bit dusty.

I set a timer to ensure I was eating at least once an hour. It made a big difference, particularly since half the ride was on gravel.

The highlight of the day was randomly finding a beach and jumping into the water.

I was worried I’d get a flat since I had no spares, and I had problems with my replacement tube’s valve, but I found a public bike toolkit and pumped the tire to comfort.

I saw 3 snakes (1 dead), 1 turtle, and 1 bunch of deer. Also many sheep, horses, and frogs.

Riding back home during the night was great, my hands and butt were barely responding but road from Carp was all for myself.

Great tour, I’m liking this idea of travelling ultralight and staying at motels. Next time gotta make it multi day, and maybe 100km a day if I’m adding gravel.

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