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🇨🇱Brevet Valdivia: Accident Edition 🚑

2023-01-28 Distance: 76.81 km Time: 4h 36m (3h 19m moving) Avg. Speed: 23.11 km/h Elevation: 533 m

The goal was to do 300km in southern Chile, going from Valdivia to Coñaripe through Panguipulli.

Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad accident. I was descending very fast and couldn't brake before a sharp turn. I hit a metal barrier (at 60km/h) and rolled 15 meters into some bushes.

People came to help right away, one of them was a fireman, told me not to move and called an ambulance. There was fear I could have broken my neck. They took me to the hospital and did all sorts tests. (I had never been in an ambulance!)

I'm OK, I didn't break anything, I just have a mild concussion and a lot of road rash. Since then I've been taking lots of rest and recovery has been going great!

I'm very sad I got to miss this event, things were going really well! But I'm VERY thankful to still be alive, apparently many have died on this bridge.

Overall I got it pretty easy. A friend of mine also fell a few minutes after me and broke his clavicle.

My heart is full of all the good wishes and care that everyone has given me 🥰 looking forward to being back on the saddle!

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