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Bikepacking to The Opinicon

2023-07-22 Distance: 134.76 km Time: 8h 10m (6h 18m moving) Avg. Speed: 21.34 km/h Elevation: 456 m

Decided to go for a weekend one-nighter, visit The Opinicon, and camp at The Rideau Locks. I also got to explore some of the Cataraqui trail.

I got a bit tired of the train trails so I detoured to the road. Today I’ll go back home by a different route.

I couldn’t arrive on time last night, so I’ll try eating at the opinicon today. I also forgot my sleeping pad at home, so I ended up sleeping on the grass. It was less bad than I thought, I fucking love my quilt.

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map of Bikepacking to The Opinicon

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