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map of Quyon Ferry loop

Quyon Ferry loop

2022-08-06 Distance: 130.87 km Time: 8h 37m (6h 12m moving) Avg. Speed: 21.07 km/h Elevation: 561 m

Very nice long loop! long distance but chill. thanks Nathan for the tip!

There's a few variations, and this one has more road. Not great for a hot day. Check out the other rides. Once it cooled down it got better, avoid riding at 3PM.

After crossing the ferry there were no cars for hours! Rode a big part during the night, luckily I brought bug spray! 10/10

Bring a strong light if riding in the night!

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About this route:

This is a very special long ride. You start in Québec and end in Ontario. The main attraction is of course the ferry halfway through that takes you across provinces. Despite that, the gravel in the first half is worth the trip by itself. Still, this ride is roughly 70% road.

The ferry comes fairly often, and you can get poutine while you wait.

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After crossing the ferry, you'll find "Ferry Road", which is very long and quiet as it only services people who actually come/go to the ferry. You'll see a few cars every 15/30 minutes and that's it. Overall very quiet.

Make sure to pace yourself and bring in snacks and water, it's a demanding long road. Doubly so on very hot days!


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