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map of Toronto Bike Rave!!! 🚴 πŸ¦„

Toronto Bike Rave!!! 🚴 πŸ¦„

2022-08-13 Distance: 23.41 km Time: 5h 35m (1h 58m moving) Avg. Speed: 11.86 km/h Elevation: 100 m

My friend Daniel Snider invited me to this yearly event happening in Toronto, Ontario.

The Toronto Bike Rave gathers hundreds of people in a critical mass event, partying across the whole city. Beautiful city nightscapes and great music. It's a must-do event!

Bring a loudspeaker and lots of liquid. Also make sure to pimp up your bike with LED lights and glow sticks! πŸ₯³

Got no bike? no problem! I did it using the Toronto Bike Share, the cost was about 40 CAD.

You can read a review on NowToronto.

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