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Rideau Lakes Tour: Day 2 - Classic

2023-07-30 Distance: 185.76 km Time: 9h 24m (7h 3m moving) Avg. Speed: 26.34 km/h Elevation: 964 m

day 1 got our spirits high, breakfast was great, we were READY! Kerianne made sure we were ibuprofened for good measure πŸ™

great winds made for a very fast pace, following the classic there were many more pelotons, it was nice seeing so many cyclists on the road! we got a bit of rain to cool down.

unfortunately Rich got a few flats and had to drop 20km from Ottawa, we still rode at a solid pace for most of the time.

many things happened on the road, we saw a baby deer running away, I dropped my bell, saw a snake, turtles, more deer. A truck was carrying HAY and it dropped it in the middle of the road, we stopped to help (kudos to Tony).

overall great conclusion to the tour and impressed with how well we all did. great job gang! looking forward for next year.

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