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map of photo night ride

photo night ride

2021-08-21 Distance: 24.65 km Time: 2h 20m (1h 23m moving) Avg. Speed: 17.62 km/h Elevation: 56 m

Stopped by Kettleman’s for a bite

About this route:

This is my most popular ride, the one that got me into cycling to begin with. Perfect for all fitness levels 💪

Very simple and chill, make it as long as you want, looping around the locks by the Arboretum.

This is a perfect ride for beginners or anyone wanting to decompress after a long day sitting in front of the computer. During spring you'll get a beautiful view of the Canadian Tulip Festival and if you're brave enough for winter riding (of course you are!) you'll get to see the world's biggest ice rink!

🚧 During the summer NCC closes the Queen Elizabeth Driveway for Bikedays.

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