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new tires - first ride!

2022-04-06 Distance: 21.24 km Time: 1h 8m (1h 4m moving) Avg. Speed: 19.68 km/h Elevation: 162 m

I wanted something a bit more appropriate for mountain biking, lose gravel, and of course, snow and Ice. Ended up settling on the WTB Riddler which have worked amazing for me! 700Cx45. My only complaint is that they're hard to put on and take off, even after thousands of KMs on them, they still feel brand new!

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map of new tires - first ride!

From Ottawa by Bike:

Britannia Park is a great place to chill year-round. So much so that in 2021 it was my favourite ride of the year! The ride from downtown through the Ottawa River Pathway is full of ups and downs but nothing too bad, just enough to keep you engaged.

Make sure to keep riding until Andrew Haydon Park. This ride goes through the Trans Canada Trail.


🚗 Driving? There is parking for the Ottawa River Parkway by Remic Rapids Park 🌳 and by Britannia Park.

⚠️ 2023 Notice: Since 2022 there's been Closures behind Parliament Hill, making the initial section of this path much less appealing.

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